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Create Valuable Products with Agile Potential

Start building products that create value for customers, employees, and your business, with Agile processes. "Agile Potential" provides Agile, Scrum framework, Management 3.0 and Product Management training and mentoring, at the individual or group level. Schedule a free 30 minute call, and Let's Talk.

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius,
and magic and power in it. Begin it now." — Goethe


My Story

My name is Alexander Reizer. In 2014, when I first became a Product Manager and had my first training in Agile processes and the Scrum framework, I found a better process, with which I thoroughly connected, and allowed me to create amazing products and teams.

Since then, I led multiple Scrum teams in building complex products, trained other product managers and development teams, spoke at ScrumDayUA 2019 and ScrumDayUA 2021, and mentored product leaders through Product League.

I wanted to help other teams and product managers reach their Agile Potential and build a better working process at their companies, so I decided to start offering my services, via workshops and consultation in both Product and Process areas.

So, if you want to build better products, in a better way, I can teach, coach or mentor you or members of your company.

Agile, Scrum, Management 3.0 Combined

How do you build a working process that improves "itself" and is constantly adjusting? How to avoid stepping on the same proverbial "rake" every time?

While Agile, Scrum and Kanban guide development teams, what about those who are meant to lead and manage the organization? They often are perceived as the biggest "obstruction" to implementation of an organizational shift to an Agile mindset, because their place is unclear, but managers and leaders could and should play an important role in an Agile Transformation.

Organizations don't spend enough time empowering them to "let go" of the hierarchical management. By applying Management 3.0, or Agile Management you and your company can resolve this, providing a way to be a manager, a leader, in an Agile organization, and gaining even more than you could ever do before

Together, Agile Processes and Management 3.0 are the building blocks for navigating a complex and adaptive work environment, for team members and managers alike, which doesn't only reward people financially for their hours, but creates a working process which inspires people to cooperate with the customers and with each other, becoming engaged with the product, vision, and values of their team, and the business of which they are a part.

Services Offered By Agile Potential

If you want to start improving the way you build products and the products you build, you should learn more about Product Management, Agile Methodology, Scrum Framework and Management 3.0. I can consult, teach or mentor, in Israel or abroad, in English, Hebrew or Russian in the following areas:

Agile Processes

In 2001, the Agile Manifesto's 4 values, and 12 principles were formed. Agile, as a methodology of software development, focuses on delivering value, early and often. It isn't a prescriptive set of rules, but an overall guide for creating valuable products. When you are building something in a complex and complicated environment, with high competition, uncertainty of approach and many other variables - which characterizes software development (and entrepreneurship) in an ever-changing world, Agile is the 1st step.

Scrum Framework

Scrum, is an empiricism-based Agile  framework, that handles complex and complicated scenarios with an iterative and incremental approach, over the traditional, sequential (Waterfall) approach of software development (or let's be frank, Chaos...). It's a set of values, roles, meetings and artifacts that are easy to understand and tough to master, and gives a practical set of tools for operating in accordance with Agile values and principles. It's also ever self-improving, and provides a way to reduce risk and uncertainty, while empowering teams and individuals.

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 is an evolution of management practices, created by Jorgen Apello, in his book, "Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders". It's a practical approach to motivating individuals and teams, in which the manager manages the system, not the individual. Its main strength lies in its practicality and  applicability, with games and exercises, instead of purely theoretical knowledge.

Product Management/Ownership

Product Management comes in all shapes and forms, in which lies its beauty and its difficulty. Individual contributors, or product leaders, we all can learn more and improve from being simple pipelines of delivery and project managers, to being the often touted "mini-CEOs" (whatever that may mean). With 8 years of Product Management experience, as Head of Product, or member of a Product Team, I can consult on a variety of topics, as I created products from concept to launch, and through to continuous development and optimization. Product Vision, Strategy, Goals, Roadmap and Prioritization are some of the common issues. Alongside them is Dual Track Agile (Discovery and Delivery), which was recently evangelized by thought leaders such as Marty Cagan from SVPG and Teresa Torres.

Team Development/Creation

Agile Management is all about managing the system. If you're tired of being micromanaged, or micromanaging, because you can't trust people, I can help. As I often had to create product teams from scratch, or initialize product capability at the company/revamp it, I have experience in creating performing teams (both of product managers and developers), through combination of product leadership and agile management.


Setting up a remote team isn't easy, especially if you wish to have all your development done by out-staffed/remote developers/designers/etc. Cultural and language barriers, of even the fact they are out-staffed (as a perception of some external client-customer relationship) can lead to difficulties. I can help with that, as I have had to set up exactly such capabilities for more than one company, in Ukraine, and faced the challenges, remaining alive to tell the tale of successful products built by out-staffed teams.

ScrumDay UA 2019 Memories

In 2019, I gave a session at ScrumDay Ukraine, about one team's journey to Agile, in Kyiv, Ukraine. That session, and that conference, motivated me to move beyond my boundaries of being a hired employee, and towards speaking and helping others as well, to be a change agent for other potential change agents. So much has changed since 2019, but one thing remains - individuals, teams and companies want to improve and find better ways to build better products.

Feedback and Testimonials


"I’ve been mentored by Alex for several months, so far this has been one of the most gratifying mentorship experiences I had. 

Alex is super methodological, he reads, hears, sleeps and probably dreams about product and management. One of the great things about Alex is that he can instantly refer you to the right article/ book/research, the even better part is that it all makes perfect sense & the best part is that Alex knows how to turn this theoretical knowledge into well-based action items for you to use in your company’s context.

I can honestly say that a significant part of the way I'm growing, directing, and assessing, the product teams and product managers in my team, as well as the way I’m helping to navigate our company, are inspired and in some cases are built with the help of Alex."

Erez Ies - VP Product, FireArc Ltd.


Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Unlock Your Agile Potential

Do you want to build better products, in a better way? Do you want to create a self-improving system with motivated individuals and empowered teams?

Contact me about Agile Coaching, Product Management Mentoring or any product or process related issue you're facing, and we'll find a way to find a way forward.

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