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My Story as Change Agent

I've been an Agile Product Professional since 2014, building multiple successful products in e-commerce, lifestyle, sports and health.

My passion lies in creation and facilitation of innovative and empowering systems, which can sustain themselves without my direct involvement, as a manager, or in the creation of effective and valuable products, as an individual contributor.

To those ends, I've passed multiple courses, read many books, but mostly practiced it hands-on, most recently, as a Senior Product Manager at GlassesUSA, a direct-to-consumer eyewear e-commerce brand, where I lead the Retention and Vision Insurance domains.

I also have 6 years of experience in leading product teams, by mentoring, coaching, teaching and facilitating, where necessary, to empower product owners, scrum masters and developers to create amazing products in a sustainable and empowering environment.

I am mentoring product managers through Product League, and as an independent product and process mentor. 

So, what's the process?

  1. Set a 30 minute meeting.

  2. We'll go over some goals you may have

  3. We'll find a path towards making tangible progress on them

  4. If I can help you, we'll set a schedule for mentoring/teaching/coaching, one-on-one, or with a small group (e.g. product team)

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