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Management 3.0

Stephen Hawking was quoted as saying "the 21st century is the century of complexity". 

Management 3.0, or Agile Management is a practical approach to leading people who are working with complexity in business, focusing on software development, but with practices extending far beyond it. It combines Agile Software Development and Complex Systems Theory, and provides practices to deal with the 6 main challenges of management:

  • Energizing people

  • Empowering teams

  • Aligning constraints

  • Developing competence

  • Growing structure

  • Improving everything

So if you're interested in a Leadership Workshop, in Israel or online, that focuses on agility and helps manage complexity, get in touch, or visit my Management 3.0 Facilitator Page, where all upcoming events are published.

Evolution of Management

What's Management 3.0? Why does it exist?

In his book, "Management 3.0" Jurgen Apello wrote that: "leadership is just a trendy name for managers doing the right thing and doing things right. But complexity thinking adds a new dimension to our existing vocabulary. It makes us realize that we should see our organizations as living systems, not as machines."

Jurgen Apello called the type of people he spoke to in his book "Leadership Pragmatists".

People who understand that every business needs managers, to manage it on behalf of its owners, but that managers aren't the only leaders in an organization, while these informal leaders are subject to constraints and goals that are posed by the business owners.


Management 1.0

Doing the wrong thing

"An organization is designed
and managed in a top-down fashion, and power is in the hands of
the few. Those at the top of the hierarchy have the highest salaries, the biggest egos, and the most expensive chairs. Those at the bottom have little money, few responsibilities, and no motivation to do a good job."

Management 2.0

Doing the right thing, wrong

"Some people realized that Management 1.0 doesn’t work well out-of-the-box, so they created numerous add-on models and services with a semi-scientific status, like the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and Total Quality Management. Management 2.0 is just Management 1.0 with a great number of "addons" to ease the problems of an old system. But the  architecture of Management 2.0 is still the same outdated hierarchy"


Management 3.0

Doing the right thing

"All organizations are networks. People may draw their organizations as hierarchies, but that doesn’t change that they are actually complexity shows us that management is primarily about people and their relationships, not about departments and profits."

This green "monster" is Marty. He represents the 6 views of Management 3.0 we already mentioned (people, teams, constraints, competence, structure and constant improvement). During a Management 3.0 workshop in Israel you'll get to know him very well!

Management 3.0

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop is a 2-day agile management workshop, held in Israel, or online, during which you'll learn how to:

  • Energize People - with Self-Organization

  • Empower Teams - with Purposeful Leadership

  • Align Constraints - Autonomy vs Direction

  • Develop Competence

  • Grow Structure - Scale Up Your Efforts

  • Improve Everything

    Acquire Management 3.0 practices in a workshop held in English, Hebrew or Russian, in Israel, or online.

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